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born in america, raised in ireland We are Stodge Face Pick your base cake...
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We are
Stodge Face
born in america,
raised in ireland

baking it happen

our story

Well, the one on the left is Morgan, and the one on the right is Nigel. These two are the bakers & brains behind the business. Nigel is a local man from up the road in Clara & Morgan is from a little further afield – Cleveland, Ohio. The two met in New York City and after migrating to Las Vegas for a brief stint, they began dreaming about opening a bakery like no other.

The pair decided to move to Ireland in the summer of 2019. Nigel & Morgan continued toying with the idea of setting up shop, but it was when the pandemic hit in March of 2019 that they began putting their plans & dream’s into action. After finding themselves displaced and their work in the hospitality sector on hold, this was it! Now or never the crypto tumbler. So, they found the perfect spot in the middle of Athlone and opened their first set of doors on the 8th of October 2020.

Et voilà! Stodge Face was born. Today, Nigel & Morgan have three shops (& counting) and employ over 30 members of staff. They are proud and appreciative of what Stodge Face is and what it is to become.


But what’s the real driving force behind Stodge Face & its success? Morgan’s cravings for American-style doughnuts.

about our


Athlone’s doors opened
Athlone’s doors opened

Athlone’s doors opened for the first time

A small bump in the road
A small bump in the road

as we had to close our doors temporarily due to Covid-19

Back in action!
Back in action!

And just like that we were back in action!

Coffee Hatch!
Coffee Hatch!

Athlone’s coffee Hatch kicked our mornings off at 8am.

Site number two!
Site number two!

Site number two! Tullamore finally opened its doors just in time for Christmas.

Doughnut cakes!
Doughnut cakes!

Doughnut cakes became a thing!


We began delivering straight to your door!

Partnership with Stampify!
Partnership with Stampify!

Our official partnership with Stampify began.

Tullamore’s Hatch!
Tullamore’s Hatch!

Tullamore’s Hatch poured its first coffee.

Direct provision birthday cakes
Direct provision birthday cakes

We joined forces with Consider It Cakes to provide people living in Direct Provision with a cake on their birthday.

corporate responsibility

Local Contributions

Here at Stodge Face, we consider ourselves to be very lucky. We began our journey in business at a time when many others found themselves in a position of uncertainty & loss due to the effects of Covid-19. We have been so welcomed in Athlone, Tullamore, Mullingar & now Galway from day one and for that we are grateful. We are grateful for the support and welcome people have shown towards us. That is why we have always thought it to be important to show our support within the local Irish communities that we live in! We are proud to be able to say that we have generated partnerships with some amazing people in the past year & our plan is to show continued support for years to come.

consider it cakes

this amazing group of people created an initiative whereby they bake cakes for people who are currently living in Direct Provision.

athlone town

Proud sponsors of Athlone Town AFC & Athlone Town AFC Ladies
Dog Visits
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